3DM2 (3ware raid management tool) on Ubuntu

Ran into a problem installing the 3DM2 (3ware raid management tool) on Ubuntu today.

Got an “” error when trying to run the install script.

After a bit of debugging, I figured out that the failing variable was in the “check architecture” section of the script… In my case, I simply stripped out the logic and put in the following text to just set variables to my specific setup:

## Check release.
## Get architecture
set arch = `uname -m`
set arch = "x86"
set supported = "yes"

After that it worked fine… but once installed, the service wouldn’t start… due to the following error “Failed to create SSL context”.

At this point, I went back to researching and found a .deb package installer for debain (the distro ubuntu is based on). { pkg, ref }

I got that, installed it, went through the config script did a slight configuration change, and it actually worked this time. I think the problem was the “3dm2.pem” file (SSL cert).

wget http://ftp.debian-unofficial.org/debian/pool/restricted/3/3ware-3dm2-binary-i386/3ware-3dm2-binary_9.3.0.4-1duo1_i386.debdpkg -i 3ware-3dm2-binary_9.3.0.4-1duo1_i386.deb

Note: the default password is “3ware”

Much thanks to the following page for getting me going at several stopping points:
Random Garbage Generator :: Hardware RAID management from the web :: February :: 2007

also here’s a link to all my 3ware driver files/sources/etc in one place

2 thoughts on “3DM2 (3ware raid management tool) on Ubuntu

  1. This comment is bit out of date, but perhaps I can help folks currently experiencing similar problems….

    The debian-unofficial repository that you cite doesn’t have packages for the most recent releases. Fortunately, an FAQ response on the 3ware site — http://www.3ware.com/KB/article.aspx?id=15126 — has been recently modified to point to a repository with a good selection of Debian packages at http://jonas.genannt.name/

    Unfortunately, however, that repository doesn’t include packages for the or 9.4.2 releases, and, depending when you purchased your controller, you may want those specific ones.

    Otherwise, a selection of releases of the 3DM2_CLI management utilities is available at http://www.3ware.com/support/download.asp, where I downloaded the tar package that matched the version that my controller shipped with (in my case, the archived

    Uncompress the tgz file, and install via “sudo ./xxx.bin”…unlike you, I didn’t need to make any script changes.

    I had the same problem as you, however, in that I received the “failed to create SSL context” error. The solution was suggested by the 15126 knowledge base article — invoke 3DM2 via “sudo 3dm2″ (and, of course, make sure to use “https” in https://localhost:888).

    Just an FYI…I hope this is of use to someone. Cheers!

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