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As one might so commonly read on IT employee blogs, “our team has been laid off”.

That’s right, the whole team is being outsourced to Singapore, effective Jan 31.

It will be a near-future disaster for the company, though it might encourage the abandonment of many applications and proceedures which I’ve been complaining about for years. But though on paper it looks like money saved, I suspect it will end up as more costly to keep things working/improving or a less expensive disaster where nothing works.

Either way, I’m out of it now. I have been “word of mouth” offered two other positions at Mercer which I will most definitely look into. I will also look at some other opportunities outside of the company.

It’s funny, I’ve turned down other opportunities which would have paid more and been more along the career lines I wanted, because my current position was more stable and more flexible. Well, flexibility hasn’t changed, but my impression about stability has been changed.

Luckily – I’m young, fairly experienced, we don’t have children yet, and I should be able to find something else… but it may be tricky to find a position which can be as flexible with location as we need while Anita is still in Pharmacy School in Columbus, OH (after which, we are still planning on moving back to Louisville, KY).

Anyway… I’m fine – Anita’s fine – things are fine. Updates as I get around to posting them…

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