Marea & DJ are wed, HH3 rocked

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Marea and DJ’s wedding on Saturday Oct. 28th was wonderful.  The wedding proper was at ~1pm at her father’s house in the Tyler Park area.  It was supposed to be a very small event, which still ended up being 60+ people.  It was an hour of hanging out, then 10 minutes of ceremony, and then an hour of eating and hanging out some more.  The ceremony was basically: “we are all happy to be here… do you, and you?  great… now lets eat.”  Both Marea and DJ looked stunning in their dress (yes, really) and suit.

That night we all went to their party, Hellhouse 3, an anual costume house party held at the Melwood Art Center, this year.  People came out of the woodwork for this.  We had friends from Lexington and New York and Columbus (us) and even California…  Unfortunatly, it’s hard to talk at parties, due to the music, but the space was large enough that one could wallflower in the back to talk and then migrate to the front to dance, as needed.

I’ve got photos of both events, I plan on posting on my site and creating a shared flickr space…  links coming when I have them.

Update (wedding): flickr / za photos

Update (HHIII): flickr / za photos

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