Iddybud: The Buck Stops with Bush

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Iddybud: The Buck Stops with Bush:

What we have done in Iraq – the way we went about this venture – is something I’m sure that President Bush now regrets, even though he’d never admit it. We have a strategic nightmare on our hands, and we also have citizens of Iraq – not al Qaeda, but citizens – murdering one another. The children in the photo you see above are real. A U.S. soldier took this photo and I received a copy of it. Look at their faces for a while. Consider what you think we should do now that you have all the facts about the way President Bush and his administration misled us into what has turned out – because of their absolute inefficiency – as a case where a newly free citizenry has run amok with anarchic, sectarian methods to achieve power. Rather than cooperating with those Iraqis who have been voted into power by millions of purple fingers, anarchists view their elected opponents as friends of “the U.S. occupier” who rely upon (our brave, misused) American troops for the level of security necessary to keep them in power. The Bush administration is using a recipe taken straight from Osama bin Laden’s favorite terrorist’s ‘cookbook’. Our President and his administration do not seem to understand the meaning of cooperation and diplomacy to put an end to the murder and mayhem that we so obviously have failed to abate – and have caused to increase.

I know none of this is really news.  We all either agree or diagree with the above statements and message… but it’s still a great reminder to me that there are lots of other people out there who are at least as discouraged (frightened, outraged, made hopeless, etc…) with our government’s actions.

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