White and Nerdy- Weird Al

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YouTube – White and Nerdy- Weird Al

This video/song is fantastic… it hits pretty close to home for me and several of my friends, though. Personally it’s hitting at least 40% acurate for me:

I’m fluent in Javascript, do webpages for friends, got a friend who went to MIT, have stationary rims, i’ve got a soldering gun, i edit wikipedia, i can quote the whole “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”, and I wanna bowl with the gansta’s.

I’ve don’t have a segway, i was never in any “clubs” in highschool, i don’t collect comics, no braces, don’t know pascal and i would really have to refresh at calculus, no action figures, and i don’t mow my lawn (live in an aparament).

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