dan bern made me a man

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saw dan bern last night… he’s fantastic – still – always.

his second song was “I do what I have to do to make me feel like a man…” which is a great song.  during it, watching him, I realized that I too, am a man…

sounds stupid, I know. I’ve been married for 6 years and have a real job and real responsibilities and nothing has changed in my life much for the last couple of years…. but it was almost a shock to realize that “i am a man”.  I would call myself male or a guy or whatever… not a boy; but not a man…  I’m not a manly person – i don’t have a lot to prove and my ego is focused on other things most of the time…  but…  i am a man.


makes me think of the “now you are a man… manny-man man” song on Orgazmo… 

Of course, I don’t have to worry about being as much of a man as Dan Bern – that isn’t possible.  Were I to ever end up gay, it would probably be Dan who turned me.  He is such a virile… man.

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