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I am going to volunteer for 7pm Friday… anyone else interested in putting their time where their mouth is… or their mouth on the phone, where their politics are?

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From: *******

Date: Sep 12, 2006 3:11 PM

Subject: Call for Change Campaign Columbus

To: alan blount


We spoke on phone today and you expressed interest in helping with the Call for Change campaign to take back Congress. This November we have an incredible opportunity to change the direction our country is headed. Our plan is to call voters in the 30 most competitive congressional races in the country, find the progressives, and then make sure they vote on election day. If we win just half of these races, we’ll be able to end the Republican control of Congress.

We will be making 5 million phone calls into these districts and since many of these races will be decided by last than 10,000 votes this effort will really provide the margin of victory this November.

What we need right now are Volunteer Recruiters. You can help us out by coming in and calling other MoveOn members to sign them up to start making phone calls into these competitive districts. We have set up a phone bank on Chambers Rd. here in Columbus (the directions to the office are below). We have two hour shifts at 12:30, 5:00 and 7:00 Sunday through Friday and 10:00 and 4:00 on Saturdays. Your help would going a long way to helping us make a difference this fall and end the Republican’s lock on power. If you would be interested in helping us out please call or email me and let me know when you could come help us out.



MoveOn Office address: 1200 Chambers Rd. Suite 206, Columbus OH

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