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If you didn’t already know…  Yes, that’s right.

What?   You want to know what I’m talking about? 

Simply, it’s a brilliant option for listen to music.  You go to that site, create an ID (only requires an email address) and you get a personalized (personalizable) streaming radio station determined from a seed artist or song.

How does it know what music to select?  It’s made by the people who did the music gennome project, so they have littereally mapped and classified music (fairly well, it seems) and allow you to guide your station(s) accordingly… bring in variety or isolate to a single vein; the choice is yours… 

I like that they have more music than I do (at least they have some music I don’t) and so I’m hearing stuff I like and know mixed with compatible music I don’t know.

It’s not perfect.  I get some trash in my statin… I think I have gotten 2 or 3 “boy-band” type songs, but they are easy to dismiss (don’t have to listen to them) and they havn’t been coming back up.

so, yeah… that’s right.  get on it.

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