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I just got done watching the movie: Lord of War (2005)

I think it was a good film, in the vane of “blow” and “traffic” but with a different angle and a semi-moral overtone.  The best part, IMO, is the ending and the open and blatant fact that when it comes to weapons of any sort, the US not only has the most, but sells the most – seemingly to anyone else. (don’t worry, I didn’t give away any of the movie, just inspired by the movie to be upset at weapon proliferation)

Oddly enough, I can’t be a pacifist because of my wife.  I would forget any moral choices to attempt to defend her (probably poorly), and thus would consider myself a non-violence advocate.  Given this admitted hypocrisy, my opinions on the matter of guns may not amount to much, but while I fear I would want weaponry if defending my home / tribe / city / country from attack… what is really frightening is that such attacks and thus defense are encouraged.  The only people I can seem to identify with are the pawns, the people being shot by and shooting the guns…  the players, the people moving the pieces and getting rich – simply don’t seem human – at least not human enough for me to see it. 

Weaponry and war seem like concepts that humanity should have evolved past… instead we seem to have evolved the means to facilitate the same barbaric concepts.  Unfortunately, those who would choose to disavow weapons would, of course, be unarmed against those who would not….  I don’t see an answer.  Why can’t we just all get along?  (sounds like a joke… it isn’t.)

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