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so – there’s some buzz going on (yes, I’m a few days behind) about AOL and Yahoo letting companies pay (them) to send spam… but disallowing spam otherwise… 


If you could dis-allow it, do so.  If your plan is put into effect, that means more spam in the inbox.  It makes no sense.  (links below)

There is discussion about what to do, to combat spam.  More intelligent spam filters is a big first step…    baysian and more…  I’m talking about filters ready to find “v 1 a ggrr aa” and mark that message as spam (unless that’s an email you would like to receive).  Not that this will ever be 100%, but 90+% is pretty good.  I get about 50-150 spam emails a day, but usually only see about 3-5.  I don’t complain… i think that’s pretty good.

Here’s a tip to anyone on AOL mail (god forbid) or Yahoo mail…. go to gmail.  If gmail ends up charging or something… well – you’ll have to cross that bridge when it collapses, but for now it’s the best option I’ve seen (short of running your own mail server and a baysian filter).

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