alan + mohawk = all is right in the world

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Yes, once again, Alan is in posession of a mohawk…  life is good – life is good. 

A mohawk is a wonderful thing for several reasons.  Some of them are:

  • I have hair on the top of my head still, might as well enjoy it.
  • It improves my ultimate frisbee game (seriously).
  • It reminds me and anyone else that I’m not really all the way old, yet.
  • It helps instantly filter people, like John’s pants, for any who know.
  • It requires some maintainence (frown) but no commitment (I can shave it whenever).

see – a lot better than buying a sports car and going to a tanning place.


oh and also checkout this video of an awesome multi-touch-screen demo… yeah – cool stuff coming… (reminds me of an audio interface based on glass “pucks” which was really tight)

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