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It my (Alan’s) 27th birthday today.

Thanks to all who have sent cards, emails, IMs, phone calls, etc to wish me a happy one. I’m rather surprised so many people have remembered. Also, special thanks to the “check givers”… all that money is going into savings to replenish the money that was withdrawn to pay for our new bed (soon to arrive).

I’m surprised to see that so many people sent jokes (or at least comments) about how old I was getting. I’ve got candle makers collapsing under strain and solar glare from all the candles on my cake… So, when I’m 28, do I get a walker.

You should all know, it’s funny when I joke about how old I am… but mean when anyone else does. (that was a joke)

It’s also Genna’s first birthday who apparently said “roahlenght”… which, according to parental translation, means “happy birthday big al”.

And it’s Chandra’s 24th (i think) birthday.

Last night I had my christmas dinner… we went out to Tyfoon (I know it should be typhoon) for half-priced sushi and still dropped $45 on 7 rolls of great sushi. It was great.

Work as usual today, I didn’t get off early, and in fact worked late….. such is life.

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