Impeach Bush… you hear about this yet?

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I am excited to hear about the possible investigation for the impeachment of Bush (I’ve been calling for it for a while). Too bad it’s not something that I am hearing much about – you all? No? You’d think the investigation for presidential impeachment might be discussed on the evening news, eh? Kind of big news… it sure was when it was discussed as a possibility for Clinton. But not for Bush (yet). I think most people just don’t know about it yet. Read the following story on just this topic:

There are now eight members of Congress who have put their names to a bill calling for a special committee of the House to investigate impeachable crimes by the Bush administration. To date, all of them are Democrats.

So far, you’d be hard-pressed to know about any of this–including the very fact that Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), the ranking minority member of the House Judiciary Committee, had even submitted such a bill–as well as two companion bills calling for censure of both Bush and Cheney for abuse of power.

— — — How the US Press Squelches Bush Impeachment Drive By Dave Lindorff. (Dave’s got a great site here.)

Here is one of my other favorite qutoes from this same (above) article:

There is a clear slide towards dictatorship taking place in America. The president, it turns out, has been signing executive letters along with many of the bills Congress passes, essentially asserting that as commander-in-chief in his fake “war” on terror, he reserves the right to ignore those bills. The latest such letter was signed by him as he signed the bill banning torture. In other words, he conceded to the bill, but then said he’ll authorize torture anyway if he wants to, in his role as commander in chief.

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