attempt at positive spin on mountaintop removal

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Phil sent me a link to the article [Appalachian town mining for land] which is talking about the removal of mountains by a coal mining company as a positive thing… to some it may well be – but as coal mining companies are notorious for their environmental horrors, and as we are already starting to “run low” on mountains that have been created (tectonically) for thousands of years — perhaps people ought to think about keeping their mountains around as long as they can (which is basically until a mining company finds something they want in said mountain).

My friend Kelly has been informed on the goings-on of the mining industry on a recent visit to an activist friend living on-site… her informative blog posting has been disturbing and eye opening… Like so many others, I wish there was some actual US media coverage on this (or in fact, on anything beyond the government endorsed party line)…

And in direct response to the CNN article linked above – shame on them – without mentioning any of the negative views on the mountain top removal, CNN has basically endorsed the practice, the company, and the plan… Since most media avoid the subject completely, this creates a positive image of the removal of the Appalachian mountains in the mind of the general public.

who paid for this story?

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