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Anyone else getting a flood of blog comment spam recently?

WordPress is awesome enough to catch all of it as probably spam and put it into a moderation queue for me, but I still had 80+ comments to delete in the past week… and I have to be careful not to delete a non-spam comment… not a good situation.

So I looked into plug-ins for WordPress and found a few, but the one I liked the most is called bad behavior. It’s built as a very modular component, to be shared into many php applications (which is good for me). Also, I like that it looks at the HTTP headers and can block all bot access (which is really hot).

I have just set it up and have yet to determine if it’s effective or if it’s killing too much access (false positives), but from what I can tell – it’s going to be great!

Update: I have found that a good deal of spam was getting past “bad behavior” – perhaps the bots are geting more advanced… but I have added the plugin wp-gatekeeper and it looks like it will work for me.

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