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So – the new template is up on zeroasterisk. Not only does it look different right now – this template is setup to be controlled by CSS, so I’ll be providing options on how to view the site. Until I offer those options (look in the top right hand corner of the page for them) you’ll have to make due with this one.

Also, I’ve updated to gallery 2 and mediawiki… The wiki update means little to any users, but the gallery update may effect anyone who uses my gallery. It should work a lot better and offer a few more options for people who use the gallery. The admin / edit interface is a bit awkward, it’s just too much data for the narrow width of this default template… I’ll be working on enabling other views soon which may make this better…

I’m also planning on makeing a homepage that’s kindof a portal – gathering the RSS feeds from the blog, wiki, and photos into a single page, allowing for easy viewing of what has recently been modified.

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