secrets are stupid, and so is the Kansas board of Education

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After reading the article: CIA prisons leak ‘to be probed’, I was overcome one specific emotion: unease (fear)… The fact that there are secret prisons and nobody knows about them scares the hell out of me.

Basically, if I was taken to prison for thinking our current government sucks (or for being too cynical or too naive), I would want people to know about it… and hopefully make a fuss… you know… maybe get to talk to a lawyer and not be tortured. Perhaps I’m asking a lot, but I was raised in a country where such things were valued as the baseline for decency and fairness… To think that I could instead be whisked off to a prison that people don’t even know about in a different country… well, I thought Jose Pedilla had it bad (and indeed he does), but at least we know where he is… well, we think we do – he’s not allowed to see a lawyer either.

Yes – i’m scared.

When I start seeing people getting pushed into cattle cars, what should I do? Run for Canada or see if I can fight the regime? (I’m not a very good fighter, to my knowledge… of course, I’m not a great runner either)

On a different and slightly more humorous note, here’s a funny piece about Kansas lowering it’s public education standards. Too bad, science used to make sense when theories were based on provable axioms…

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