google says : failure = bush, incompetent = bush…

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One more quick note:

I was doing the Google “feeling lucky” thing, where you enter a word like “failure” and it gives your it’s best result…  Well, for the word “failure” it isn’t random, it’s… well… funny, appropriate, sad…  Biography of President George W. Bush.

Anyway, so I tried again, I entered “incompetent” and hit “I’m feeling lucky”… and I got 

The President as Incompetent Liar.  I read this article, BTW, and it is very well done, I think.  Well cited and the logic is solid.  My cynicism is throbbing.

I’m not sure on the associations involved.  I started searching for the terms, and both are the top listed results for the searches (incompetent following with Michael Moore)… so, it seems more valid… but I couldn’t find the word failure anywhere in Bush’s Bio.

If google knows something, you’d think the rest of the world would pick up on it…

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