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Sporting Events cause a drop in ER visits

Ok, this is kindof rediculous… Apparently, Americans put off their emergency room visits, or just don’t have as many problems, during major sporting events. I can understand being into sports, but that seems unreal.

Helicopters Scour Louisiana Floodwaters (Rita Aftermath)

People checking their hurricane-hit homes and towns returned with stories of flooding to the rooftops, coffins and refrigerators bobbing in the water, and stilts where their houses once stood.

Yet as the misery wrought by Hurricane Rita came into clearer view – particularly in the marshy towns along the Texas-Louisiana line – officials credited the epic evacuation of 3 million people for saved countless lives.

“As bad as it could have been, we came out of this in pretty good shape,” said Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who called the lack of widespread fatalities “miraculous.” By Sunday night, just two deaths had been blamed directly on Rita.

And on the same note, here’s an article about the differences between the government response to hurricaine Katrina and Rita.

Bush wants the US armed forces to handle more of the natural disaster support… isn’t that what the national guard was supposed to be for? It would be a bit more effective if the national guard wasn’t hijaked to Iraq.

Bob Dylan documentary, ‘No Direction Home‘ sounds like it’s awesome! Here’s a review from the washington post. I am really looking forward to seeing it.

And apparently the IRA has given up it’s weapons. 1The IRA followed up the announcement with its own terse statement: “The IRA leadership can now confirm that the process of putting arms beyond use has been completed.”

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