za1 theme in development

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I’ve been working on a comprehensive theme, currently called za1 (very exciting name, eh?).  I will be mapping the components of my site into that theme (instead of hacking the themes of the components of my site to look kindof like each other).

The themes are driven primarily by CSS, and done in such a way as to allow simple variations in how things should look… there will be an “options” selector on the top-right and it will allow you to easily choose theme options and it saves your options as a cookie (if you allow the cookie) or session variables if your don’t allow the cookies.

I think I’m just about done with getting G2 into said theme,and am working on mediawiki and wordpress next… then I should be ready to make it live.  Were I to guess, I’d guess it will go live sometime in October, unless I burn out before then.  Here’s a preview (note: errors to be expected.  If you want to report any, email me).


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