CTF was fun and Google is still the hotness

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So – Capture the Flag was a lot of fun. We played at the Park of Roses on August 21 2005 (after sundown). We had 9 people show and had a great time, though we were out classed severely by some “in shape” players. I’m hoping to end up with more people in a bigger area for the next game on September 9th (friday) at an unknown location.

Google is incredible.

I’ve already installed the new Google Desktop (version 2, with the sidebar) and it’s HOT. I’m impressed that everything Google touches, they make better (at least as far as I can see)… If you’ve ever wanted easier access to stuff on your comptuer (email, etc) you should use the GDS2 (blog post).

I am going to setup an account / access to Google Talk today. I have not used it, but I’m sure it’s at least comparable with the other services out there… and because it’s Google, I bet it’s better. (blog post)

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