Vat Grown Stem Cells

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Skin Cells Converted to Stem Cells which means we have “starter cells” for transplants and the like and don’t have to worry about the moral issues raised from using the tissues of aborted fetuses (feti?). [Bush’s statement on this]

I’ve heard of this before, though… In fact, in a previous article from the Washing Post. My question really is, what is the quantity we are talking about? If we could produce enough stem cells to generate real tissues, doesn’t that kinda sound like vat grown replacement parts…. time for your 100,000 mile liver replacement.

I’m all for it if we go that route – it’s better than not being able to do so… but I fear we are not anywhere near that. I’m looking forward to vat grown anything (vat grown steaks will taste better because you didn’t have to kill an animal to get one) but have yet to really hear of any. Anyone want to point out some that I’ve missed?

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