April is ok after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake

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From an email from April:

_However, I did want to let everyone know that I am

safe and perfectly whole after this morning’s earthquake. For those of you

who have no idea what I’m talking about, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit

Japan at 11:46 this morning and I was a mere 60 some-odd kilometers south of

its center of its origin. It’s on the front page of BBC, CNN, MSN-NBC, etc.

if you feel like reading more on it._

_I had actually taken this morning off and was sleeping (go figure :-)when

it hit. It jolted me awake and I was just frozen to my bed for those

seemingly endless 2 minutes. (Yeah – those school drills that I practiced

all of my life about diving under the nearest table definitely did not come

in handy. I couldn’t make myself move for anything.) My apartment is on

the 2nd story of a really small, wooden 2-story building. So the entire

thing was shaking like crazy. All of the furniture in my apartment was

swaying back and forth and the pictures on the wall and the loose things on

shelves crashed down to the floor. And I, for some unknown reason, was just

laughing and wondering whether I would be make some flashy and really

painful entrance into my neighbor’s apartment below me if my floor caved in.

(Yeah, I know Mom – that certainly calms your nerves, eh?! Don’t worry,

don’t worry! ;-)Anyhow, no aftershocks felt as of yet, and I am perfectly

AOK. I just like to think of it as my very first free amusement park


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