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I don’t have anything interesting going on right now, so here’s some of the stuff going on in the world today (that I was interested in):

techie stuff

  • Google snubs tech news outlet CNET – Google CEO got “googled” and is upset about the demonstration of people’s complain at all the personal information readily available…  It’s just that the info is so easy to get at…  (personally, that doesn’t bother me – information is simply information, not all of it is true but whatever is, should be available… in my ideal world there would be no need to worry about privacy concerns… too bad we’re not there yet.)
  • Flash8 released soon – it’ll be great, as soon as everyone is upgraded to F8… in about 2 years.
  • M$ security patches == Windows sucks, but you kinda have to use it for most business jobs and most games and most applications…  kinda like doing business with the wal-marts of the world… though wal-mart is less likely to break…  in fact, almost anything is less likely to break than Windows.

bush = worst president Everworst president ever

other news

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