japan backlog finished / Ryka’s bithday

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Well, I’m finally done with updating the backlogged Japan blog entries. It was something I kept putting off, but I’m real glad I did it – the posts are kinda long, but it’s as much for my memory of the trip as anyone else’s (sorry).

Ryka I’m impressed that within 45 minutes of uploading the lastest batch of photos, some of them have been looked at 4 times already… I know I’m just getting lucky, but it still nice to know someone is looking.

So, Wednesday night we went to Ryka’s (photo on right) birthday party at the Lodgebar in Columbus. It was so loud we basically couldn’t talk (but at least there is no smoking in Columbus bars). We stayed for about a half hour, like old fogies, but it was still good to see people… though communicating was nigh’ impossible, as I’ve already said. Hopefully we will get to move on to other social activities like volleyball or capture the flag.

Jaymz is coming to visit this weekend, which should be a lot of fun. Otherwise, no specific plans that I know of.

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