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My buddy Arthur recently shared this with me, his synthesis of research he’s been doing on how to be a more effective learner.

Stay engaged

  • Choose to find the information useful
  • Be invested in tackling difficult problems
  • Try to anticipate what’s next

Identify big idea

  • Use them as anchor to connect details
  • Periodically summarize what you’ve heard

Keep conclusions tentative

  • Evaluate evidence, don’t accept it at face value
  • Ask followup questions

Don’t get derailed

  • Concentrate on the message, not the messenger
  • Don’t get thrown off by emotionally charged language
  • Don’t stop listening when you disagree
  • Humanize the presenter, get to know them
  • Adjust note taking to the presenter’s patterns

Seriously - how great is that?

The best one is “choose to find it useful” which is so simple and yet so important.

Our perspectives and attitudes affect so many things - even something as simple as how much we are going to learn or retain or even understand.

So, next time you sit down to study or hone some skill or meet a new co-worker and want to remember their name… make just a bit more effort and be more engaged.

(I’m tryin’)

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