poppy’s first day of school

Poppy’s really thinned out and sped up. At 18 months, she’s about the same height as she was at 14 months, but seems much more thin. Must be all the running, jumping, and climbing she does. She can happily run in a circle for 15 minutes, or bounce on a bed for 30.

She’s started school at “The Friend’s School” this week, in the 1 year old class three days a week for three hours each day. Two of her buddies are in the same class, and 5 other kids along with two teachers who attempt semi-organized activities.


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About the friend’s school (from their website):

Based on the view that growth is social and emotional as well as intellectual, Friends School’s Preschool Program provides young children with a positive early school experience in a loving and fun learning environment. We believe that the preschool years are an important foundation that is best supported with love, respect and encouragement. At Friends, caring, dedicated teachers and staff come together with parents to provide a nurturing, family-like atmosphere in which to learn and grow.

Potty Time

Poppy is now using her potty.

She’s been sitting on it for a while, but this weekend was the first time she actually used it successfully (twice so far).  We, of course, cheered and encouraged her… But I think it just clicked in her brain that was what she was supposed to do.  I don’t expect that we’re going to have a terribly high success rate right away, but it’s great to be on that path.

Poppy at 15 months

Poppy is doing great.  She’s wearing the overalls which were rolling up so that they didn’t drag, only 3 months ago… now they are high-water-ready, ending up above her ankle.  

She’s certainly got an attitude and is already testing boundaries and figuring out what she can get away with.  More so right now, as her i-teeth are coming in, all four at once.  But though she doesn’t understand it yet, we’ve started with some time-outs… basically just to make sure she knows that it’s bad and not a game when we tell her “no”.

We had a great visit when “Granny C” came to town.  We are pretty much always busy, but it was in high gear for the week she was here.  A few friends ran the marathon (in under 4 hours) and we cheered them on in a couple of places and at the end, there was a hot air balloon glow and we got up early to watch the hot air balloon race (mostly an excuse to watch all the balloons get blown up and take off, more fun to watch than you might think).  There was always something going on, there always is.

more photos (from mom, I have yet to process this month’s photos from my camera)

Poppy Update – Fast and Furious


Little poppy is fast and furious these days (at least when she doesn’t get what she wants, fast enough).  Turn your back and she’s gone…. or perhaps she’s up, as in climbing up furniture.  She’s eating a lot (sauteed mushrooms and onions and swash and garlic, last night… mmmm) and still has chubby legs and a belly on her, but for the most part has lengthened out and looks more and more like a kid and less and less like a baby.  She climbs on the playground and slides down the slides and swings on the swings… all with help still, but with less trepidation than the little she used to show.  

Anita watches her during the week and I’ve shifted to a 4 x 10 hour work week, so one day a week (when anita’s working) I watch her.  That leaves us with only 1 day every other week when both of us are working that a friend of ours watches her.  Today is my day, and she’s napping (which is how I am able to make this post)… off to the park after she wakes up.
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Poppy spinning

2009-02-23 21h26m41Poppy has long been termed as a “rough neck” and she certainly earns that title, loving to be thrown around and tickled and rough housing with her peers or adults alike.

She has just started spinning around in circles to get herself dizzy.  

It’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever witnessed.

The downside is that she already staggers like a drunk anytime she’s tired and sometimes when she’s not… so this just adds to the appearance that she is seconds away from being face-down on the ground.  

Oh well, she puts up with the bumps and bruises admirably.

2009-03-01 18h45m49

Mom and Sam’s Visit to Lousiville

Mom and Sam drove to Louisville for a few days this past weekend+ (Friday – Tuesday).

We all had a wonderful visit and they played with poppy almost nonstop… as expected. We took full advantage of the free babysitting and went out a few nights and on the whole, were less than adequate hosts, but they didn’t seem to mind.

Mom’s posted her photos here, and below is a slideshow