Life Changlingly Good TED Radio Hour: “The Source of Creativity”

Basic summary: “everyone is and can be creative: you just have to be fearless about failing, and practice a bunch.”

Led to this understanding by my art-teacher mother, since early childhood I’ve been saying something pretty similar.

Creativity is wonderful, amazing, useful, freeing, and fun… but it’s not rare.  Being creative is a skill, available to everyone.  It doesn’t have to be “Art” (note the capital A) nor innovation.  It doesn’t have to be shared.  It doesn’t have to be serious, deep, fun, frivolous, important, or anything.  Mostly, being creative is about allowing yourself to do something or think something or be something… Letting a wild idea flourish for a second and seeing what comes out of it.

The rest of Art and creativity and innovation is really about “skill” – developing ability and familiarity and a mental library of techniques through repetition and practice.  That may sound like work (or worse yet, homework), and it certainly is… but it can be fun and fulfilling, productive work.  You just have to have the freedom to fail horribly, and make monumental mistakes along the way.  You have to be free to, and willing to, take risks.

Creativity, in the end, is the willingness to take a risk – coupled with the techniques and ability to take “good” risks and make something “good” out of them.

Poppy’s Room, now with mural

My mom and her friend Joanne painted a wonderful mural on Poppy’s room. I decided to play with a very fun tool called photosynth to stitch together several photos into one unified picture or the room in 3-D (sort of). It will not work except on IE and FF and you may need to install a viewer (it’s safe, but an annoyance). Regardless, this is my first photosynth and I may make more… not sure at the moment.

Or view it on the photosynth site at: Poppy’s Room

Sculpture appeals

I just heard from my good friend (and former employer) Dave Caudill and got up to speed on his recent newsletters.  I’m glad to see he’s still making great art and getting it out in the world… It’s also nice to hear the human side of the story, about the places he visits, what he sees, and often what he eats… 

The most appealing of these recent travels, for me, is the Grounds for Sculpture in  Hamilton, New Jersey (map).  According to Dave, it’s one of the best sculpture displays he’s ever seen.  I am looking forward to an excuse to go see it…  maybe for Anita’s spring break.

Since we’re on the subject of Sculpture – if anyone is interested in sculpture and havn’t looked at one of my favorites, Isamu Noguchi, please do so.  Also – if interested in a local (Louisville) struggling and talented sculptor, checkout Myra Silva, a friend of mine who also works as a carpenter and a general bad-ass (in my opinion).

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