Poppy Update, 15.5 months

Poppy is starting to really put things together.  She’s long been understanding much more than we would have expected, occasionally doing things we ask her to do which we would never anticipate her doing (like asking her to throw something away in another room, and her doing so).  Now she’s starting to say a few more words, do a few more signs, and saying/signing more clearly.

She’s had a bit of a rough month, all four of her I-Teeth are coming in.  At the same time, she’s also trying to exert a bit more independance and is not 100% sure how to go about that.  So she’s sometimes

PS: she is 472 days old today.

Poppy at 15 months

Poppy is doing great.  She’s wearing the overalls which were rolling up so that they didn’t drag, only 3 months ago… now they are high-water-ready, ending up above her ankle.  

She’s certainly got an attitude and is already testing boundaries and figuring out what she can get away with.  More so right now, as her i-teeth are coming in, all four at once.  But though she doesn’t understand it yet, we’ve started with some time-outs… basically just to make sure she knows that it’s bad and not a game when we tell her “no”.

We had a great visit when “Granny C” came to town.  We are pretty much always busy, but it was in high gear for the week she was here.  A few friends ran the marathon (in under 4 hours) and we cheered them on in a couple of places and at the end, there was a hot air balloon glow and we got up early to watch the hot air balloon race (mostly an excuse to watch all the balloons get blown up and take off, more fun to watch than you might think).  There was always something going on, there always is.

more photos (from mom, I have yet to process this month’s photos from my camera)