money or lives, what do we care about in this country?

Something has come to me, in the light of the current financial crisis in this country…

Most people in this country are now aware that we are on the brink of a depression as serious as the one in the 1930s.  People are up in arms, talking to their congressional representatives and it is all over the media.  There’s action (or at least attempted and perhaps misguided action) in our government to fix some of the problems, and we are all sure the sky is falling and things need to be done.

My revalation: We saw nothing like this action and activity when it came to light how corrupt our government already was, in relation to the US invading Iraq.  How self-centered we are, that when our money is directly effected we are all ready to act on something.  Whereas, when the problems are someone else’s most of our country is content to sit back and maybe talk about the subject…

Of course some people marched on Washington and some impotently raged (I’m in the later category), but on the whole, most people didn’t notice that we ruined another country from top to bottom and have done a poor job in putting it back together… oh yeah, and we killed 87,833-95,866 iraqis and lost 4175 US troops (as of today).

There hasn’t been a flurry of activity that I know of on scale with this financial scare.

Sure, our economy is going down in flames for a few years.  We’re looking at a very hard few years, and hopefully a period of some serious and deep rooted changes in our government and country as a whole.  As I see it we are long overdue for both the hard times and the changes… 

I just find it disgusting that our motivation is so self-centered when we had ample opportunity to get disgusted at killing and loosing many lives in the name of stupidity… in the name of oil… in the name of believing that the West could “fix the world” with deadly force. 

Iraq Body Count web counter

Wall Street Bailout, explained on Fresh Air’s show Sept. 23, 2008

A fantastic interview on Fresh Air regarding our current state of the economy and the proposed bailout plan, where we are encouraged to not look at the details and just buy… 

The Wall Street Bailout: A Conflict Of Interest?

Henry Paulson: The Treasury secretary’s $700 billion bailout plan awaits congressional approval.Getty Images

Fresh Air from WHYY,September 23, 2008 · With financial markets in flux and a massive government rescue package in the works, financial reporter and New York Timescolumnist Gretchen Morgenson looks into what’s involved in the nearly $700 billion deal.

One central concern: The way troubled banks’ assets get valued when the federal government buys them. “Depending on how [the bailout program] is operated, and how the assets are valued before taxpayers are forced to buy them, it could bloat our final bill for this mess while benefiting the very institutions that got us into it,” Morgenson wrote in a recent column.

Morgenson talks to Terry Gross about strategies the government might employ to value the assets taxpayers are buying from endangered institutions — and how regulators might earn back some of the trust they’ve lost in recent weeks.

Grand Central – Project CARE (phone numbers for the homeless)

I’ve been using grand central for a while, but noticed this today:

Project CARE (Communications and Respect for Everybody) recognizes the desire for those in need to get back on their feet and begin a new life. An essential element to that proposition is a consistent and reliable phone number – a place where anyone (family, friends, social workers, health care providers, potential employers, etc.) can leave you a message.

No longer will the pay phone at the local shelter be the only way to reach a homeless client. Whether applying for a job, waiting for medical test results, or trying to get in touch with family, Project CARE provides homeless clients with link to the real world and an ability to connect.

Project CARE Support and Feedback: (415) 287-7400

Poppy is a leaf eater

Anita and many of the mom’s took their offspring to Tyler Park today.

Poppy was somewhat fussy, all day and in fact all month… she’s getting teeth and she’s frustrated that she can’t really walk on her own yet.  Life is hard.

So hard, in fact, that sometimes, if you’re a baby, you just gotta eat some leaves and puke… which she did, with abandon.  What we didn’t figure out until ~9pm tonight was that one of those leaves was stuck to the roof of her mouth for over 5 hours. 

She wasn’t eating right, and seemed a little weird… in retrospect her actions certainly indicated that there might be a leaf stuck in her mouth, but neither of us thought to check for one.

Anyhow, she’s fine and asleep and happy.  Just a funny little story.

Satirical voting republican

I’m Voting Republican is a satirical look at the likely outcome of another four years of Republican government. The not-so-subtle message behind the film is the importance of a united bloc of citizens willing to take the time and effort to vote Democrat in order to improve America’s domestic and foreign policy.

Back in business, now with power

Saturday night we got back home and were amazed to see lights on.  LG&E rigged up some scary looking connections across downed lines (we will not go walking on stilts), but they got our block light up… faster than I expected.

We were without power for right at a week, and it certainly could have been much worse.  We had no damage and no monetary loss (except the food in the fridge/freezer).  Pretty much, it was like wussy-camping.  I worked at Via and charged my phone there… we walked and visited with neighbors and ate out after our food spoiled.  Kinda fun, really.