Photos of anita and penelope @ 7 month (t – ~3 months)

Here are some fun pictures of Anita and Penelope. She’s now 7 months pregnant and starting to get a bit un-comfortably pregnant. Parts of her fall asleep without reasonable cause. Getting up is more of a challenge than it’s ever been before. Penelope is kicking most of the time, sometime flipping around and keeping things interesting… occasionally kicking down – apparently very painful, that.

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PS3 Cluster… i’ll take just one.

Clusters are inherently cool anyway… there are much cheaper ways of doing it… but how sexy is that?  Take one of the clustered PS3’s out of the mix, play some games… put it back in to crunching.

Engineer Creates First Academic Playstation 3 Computing Cluster

The Sony Playstation 3, Xbox and Nintendo Wii have captivated a generation of computer gamers with bold graphics and rapid-fire animation. But these high-tech toys can do a lot more than just play games. At North Carolina State University, Dr. Frank Mueller imagined using the power of the new PS3 to create a high-powered computing environment for a fraction of the cost of the supercomputers on the market.

Maido is open for <$9 all you can eat Lunch Buffet

This is about the best news ever.  (my stomach thinks so)

We just heard about this today, and went to Maido’s (in Louisville, KY – map)…. it was absolutely fantastic!

For less than $9, you get to pick over some of the best Japanese food in Louisville.  As of now, it’s only been open for lunch for about a week and there were few people there.  So go quick.

I suspect when word of this gets out, it will either stop or get ridiculously busy.

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Update on the Blounts – Early October 2007

So, I’ve been remiss to put anything about us on here recently.  I’m thinking that I might split the blog into two seperate blogs… one on the Blounts, and one on general stuff I feel like talking about… 2 weeks.  (the perpetual two weeks)


Anita’s very pregnant… always holding her belly and still, gloriously asymptomatic.  She’s working at a low cost mdeical center pharmacy for this month’s rotation.  not very interesting for her.  Last month was Central State hospital and she liked that a lot.  She’s done some projects/presentations at both places to great review, I hear. 

We’ve moved into a new house, belonging to Jason Chili… it’s a wonderful house with a lot of stuff in it (ours and his).  Once we got it a bit more organized, it’s been a joy to be there.

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