post move to louisville

We have spent the last several days moving way too many boxes and things from columbus, oh to louisville, ky.  We a glad to be donea nd back at work…  well… mostly.

Anita’s growing a kidney bean with a 142 beats/min heartrate

The “lil’ nug” inside Anita is currently the size of a kidney bean.  The organs have all begun developing and the heart is beating strong, at 142 beats/min.  Bloodwork and whatnot seem fine.  We’ve got very uninformative ultrasound images which I may get scanned and post sometime…

We’re still both pretty attached to the name “Ruby” for a girl.  Not sure about a boys name.

Pregnant… that’s right… we’re breeders

After several years of marriage and putting off having kids till we were more financially stable… we are now pregnant. Due in Jan. or Feb. 2008. We have no data, but “think” it’s going to be a girl…

Apparently, a few days ago, anita woke up from an amazingly realistic dream where she was holding “our baby girl”. We didn’t really think she was pregnant but after the dream, she had to take a pregnancy test and it turns out we are.

We didn’t tell people for a while… making sure it was for real. Several pregnancy tests later, we told family and friends and now I’m finally updating the sorry excuse for my blog.

Anita’s 4th year of school is entirely on-site rotations, and she’s getting accommodations in the schedule for the birth.