Liam – comedian who did the “shoes” video

From “Shoes” to “Muffins” to “Text Message Breakup” Liam has been keeping thousands of video watchers entertained… ok… so “Muffin’s” was a little less entertaining than the other two, but all three are great. I also found his youtube profile, with some other video’s I’m not yet familiar with… researching…. Here are the three video’s, for the convenience of any who need to watch (again).

thunderbird can do calendars

I’ve switched all my personal email to gmail, and have been using it for a couple of years now (i think).

But, I have work emails which I can not just forward (or would get confusing if I did).  So, of course, I use Thunderbird – which is perfect… but it doesn’t have a calendar.

Well, now it does.

Check out this tutorial which gives an overview of 2 different plugins which allow 2-way communication between thunderbird and your google calendar. 


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Alan Updates

I haven’t been posting a lot… partially to keep the blog a bit more official while looking for employment and partially because I’ve been busy.

work updates:
So I’ve been working at Via, from home, as a contractor.  I’ve been doing that since Feb.  Working with friends and doing mostly LAMP development (thankfully).  The only downside is that it’s a smaller company and can’t afford to pay me what other places can.

So about a month ago, I found a great job with a different company, but didn’t get it… I got another job with the same place which we thought we could make work for me… I worked there 4 miserable days and then went back to Via.  The problem was not the company, but the work was mundane and there was a lot of it.  I was very unhappy and Anita encouraged me to go back to the place I liked working, for a little less money.  Sounded like good advice… so Via will hire me full time sometime soon and I think we’ll be good for each other for some time to come.

health updates:
I’m fine.  Anita’s fine…  We’ve been sick (Anita still is) but it passes.  My Dad’s had leg problems and my Aunt’s cancer battle has taken a bad turn.  If you know a way to help… 

music updates:
Been listening to the Decemberists, Erin McKeown, Built to Spill, The White Stripes, etc…  I was also lucky enough to go to the recent Hushaby event in Louisville and listen to SKL (Jason), Foursquare (Marea), and Angel from Chicago.  It was a great show… I’ve got photos to post… soon.

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