Marea & DJ are wed, HH3 rocked

Marea and DJ’s wedding on Saturday Oct. 28th was wonderful.  The wedding proper was at ~1pm at her father’s house in the Tyler Park area.  It was supposed to be a very small event, which still ended up being 60+ people.  It was an hour of hanging out, then 10 minutes of ceremony, and then an hour of eating and hanging out some more.  The ceremony was basically: “we are all happy to be here… do you, and you?  great… now lets eat.”  Both Marea and DJ looked stunning in their dress (yes, really) and suit.

That night we all went to their party, Hellhouse 3, an anual costume house party held at the Melwood Art Center, this year.  People came out of the woodwork for this.  We had friends from Lexington and New York and Columbus (us) and even California…  Unfortunatly, it’s hard to talk at parties, due to the music, but the space was large enough that one could wallflower in the back to talk and then migrate to the front to dance, as needed.

I’ve got photos of both events, I plan on posting on my site and creating a shared flickr space…  links coming when I have them.

Update (wedding): flickr / za photos
Update (HHIII): flickr / za photos

bank interest calculation in question… looking for your 2 cents

I need some help from some people who understand finances better than I do, am I getting ripped off of a cent a month interest by my bank? (earth shattering importance, of course)

Imagine the following (hypothetical) savings account earning 1% annual interest. 1% annual is (0.01 / 365) 0.000027397260274 daily interest. So for every day, you multiply the amount of money you have accruing interest by that daily amount… add the days together and you’ve got your interest amount for that length of days… when your money amount changes (when you add to it or reduce it) your calculations change, so you need to reflect that… a basic table is displayed below…

amount daily interest days of interest

$2,525.42 $0.069189589041096 14 $0.96865424657534

$3,605.42 $0.098778630136986 16 $1.58045808219178


Unfortunatly, my bank reported $2.53 of interest for this month, instead of $2.55, which is what I show… tried changing the number of days around, and never got anything close to this figure.

So, do I even ask my bank? thoughts?

Praise to Alan

I would like to take a moment and give praise to Alan. For those who know him, know that he is awesomely quicky, white and nerdy. It gets better when you live with him! I have come home after a bad day several times this quarter, and he has cleaned. We’re not talking just dishes – we’re talkin dishes, sweeping, mopping, cat box, laundry, the whole nine yards. He does these things even though he’s been working all day and probably hasn’t had a much better day than I have. I’m not the easiest person to live with. I’m needy – I demand certain amounts of attention, alone time, crazy time and food time. He deals with the need of the moment with seeming ease (most of the time). Seriously, who could ask for a better husband? He’s the best!

taskbar suffler

home of the nerd cave | taskbar shuffle and more:

Once you download, install, and run Taskbar Shuffle, left-click and drag the programs/buttons on your Windows taskbar to rearrange them.  It’s that easy.

This is a great tool for those (like me) who usually have over a dozen applications they need to keep open at the same time for work or whatever… thus, you don’t have to hunt as hard for the open program you need to find.

Thanks to Jason for this link, and thanks to the developer(s) {Jay E?}

Anita’s new wedding ring (yes, from alan)

Anita's new wedding ring (the 3rd)
Anita’s new wedding ring (the 3rd)

This is the 3rd wedding rind on Anita’s finger… all 3 from Alan, and all within the first 5-6 years of marriage. Luckily all three of them together are less than many people pay for one… this weighing in fairly high on the price list at ~$170… we purchased it from Donald R. Pekarek, the jeweler/goldsmith/artist who made it. He was at a local art fair a couple of weeks ago, here in Columbus and though we were not really in the market, decided that it seemed very Anita’ish and she wanted to have a ring again…. and that was that. (by the way, she’s ring size 5… how’s that for tiny?)

also, since we’re here… also check out the next two latest photos of Ginni and April, both sleeping with Nova (she seems to have that effect on people):

Ginni sleeping with nova  April sleeping with Nova