give me storage or give me… well… more storage

Looking at the following article:

Indian-born scientist developing coated DVD’s that can make hard disks obsolete

..: I find my self thinking that hard drives wouldn’t be obsolete, but OS installations might be.  Already there are many LiveCD installations of Linux and Windows, which don’t require a Hard Drive at all, but simply boot to the CD/DVD… With more sophisitication and personalization options (there are already setups where you can store personalizations on a USB flash drive or something) I think the idea of a static state OS would be very appealing.  Think about never having to reinstall windows – ever!  Never being worried about a virus which could damage the OS… sure, your profile data might be in jeapordy, installed programs… but the OS could be 100% seperate.  Given that seperation, backing up personal data would become easier and hopefully more common (how many people mean to do so, but never do?).

so, uh… yeah… i admire Matthias Wandel

I don’t often randomly surf for people… but this guy [Matthias Wandel] wrote some software I was using (for the first time, about 5-6 years ago) [jhead] and I randomly browsed over to his personal site and thought he was really (really) cool… Neat projects and inventions, done both logically and creatively (a combination I admire and strive for, though which I tend to exhibit to a lessor degree).

he came up in conversation again today and so I found his site again and found this page (among others) which just makes me go all warm and fuzzy:

note the great video of the machine in action

and don’t forget to check out the first version: [video]

or the home made pipe organ or the scanning camera or the cannon… etc…

cool stuff, cool stuff…
(looking forward to having a workshop when we move back to Louisville)