Interesting link : http://aaronland.info/nytimes/

Read the blurb at the top and then click on the first link [http://aaronland.info/nytimes/related/].

The top image is a map where the top NY Times stories are plotted… but below that is a thought-map, of sorts… a link-chart of buzzwords.

kinda neat… to see that almost everything links to “violence” and that the “united church of christ” links only to “churches”, “television”, and “advertising”.

just random / interesting.

The New York Times includes a large amount of topical metadata with each article it publishes. These daily dumps plot the relationships, and geographies, of each article and are archived as RDF, XHTML and SVG maps.

My uncle sent me the following, somewhat related link : http://www.wburg.com/0202/arts/lombardi.html. It’s a good read and similar to the above discussed thought-map (but more visually appealing).

flickr is really… really cool…

I have setup a Flickr account/profile and played with it some…  it’s totally awesome.  I’ve heard of it for years, but haven’t needed anything like it, since I have gallery installed on a server on which I have nigh’-unlimited storage space… 

Anyway – that’s my excuse for being slow to jump on this bandwagon…  I’m here now.

The only question is deciding if I want to make the switch and pay for an unlimited account… then move all the photos I have in gallery into flickr… and worry about when their server goes down or looses all of my photos (not that such is likely, but less under my control).

There are all kinds (many many) flickr applicaitons, using the flickr API and simply grabbing and using the content…  Its a service I will be recommending to anyone who asks how to manage and share photos.  In fact, I’m working on the columbus ultimate site and have setup a flickr profile for that site/group and have pulled the slideshow into the photo page.

If your are new to the game, read the Basic Guidelines for Tagging on Flickr , How to get the most out of Flickr , Tips for Flickr Beginners and the Official FAQ. You can also combine Picassa and Gmail to upload photos to Flickr, turn your blog into a moblog and listen to the Flickr Song.