the web allows much time to be wasted, well

TimeWaster 6000The Artsechro Mixer (funded by Red Bull, built by terralever and in part by Chris “” Hill)

Create your own “Concerto for Turntable” – Fuse classical and turntable music with the Red Bull Artsehcro Mixer. Here you can create your own songs by mixing various turntable loops and Artsehcro instruments. Once you create a song you can submit it to be rated by your peers and send it to friends.

Roger Ebert gives an insightful rebuttal to a response to his review of the movie “Chaos” (complicated).  I really liked what he said and I agree with it something like 80%–90%… the only parts I really disagree with is… art can easily be the things we don’t want, with no hope and no redeeming value.  Art has no rules and no needs.  That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t tell people it’s horrible and not to see the movie; I just have to throw out there that one can not define art into a boundry (put a boundry on art, and the most important thing to many artists becomes destroying that boundry).

Vat Grown Meat – Academic Paper Says Edible Meat Can be Grown in a Lab on Industrial Scale
This is great – exatly what I’ve been looking forward to.  Good-bye meat processing industry and poor people being paid peanuts to take the intestines out of slaughtered animals without (you hope) spilling the poop [source]…  I’d like my meat from a lab please, hold the poop. — “goes down easy, with just a hint of iodine”

CTF was fun and Google is still the hotness

So – Capture the Flag was a lot of fun. We played at the Park of Roses on August 21 2005 (after sundown). We had 9 people show and had a great time, though we were out classed severely by some “in shape” players. I’m hoping to end up with more people in a bigger area for the next game on September 9th (friday) at an unknown location.

Google is incredible.

I’ve already installed the new Google Desktop (version 2, with the sidebar) and it’s HOT. I’m impressed that everything Google touches, they make better (at least as far as I can see)… If you’ve ever wanted easier access to stuff on your comptuer (email, etc) you should use the GDS2 (blog post).

I am going to setup an account / access to Google Talk today. I have not used it, but I’m sure it’s at least comparable with the other services out there… and because it’s Google, I bet it’s better. (blog post)

Vat Grown Stem Cells

Recent News:

Skin Cells Converted to Stem Cells which means we have “starter cells” for transplants and the like and don’t have to worry about the moral issues raised from using the tissues of aborted fetuses (feti?). [Bush's statement on this]

I’ve heard of this before, though… In fact, in a previous article from the Washing Post. My question really is, what is the quantity we are talking about? If we could produce enough stem cells to generate real tissues, doesn’t that kinda sound like vat grown replacement parts…. time for your 100,000 mile liver replacement.

I’m all for it if we go that route – it’s better than not being able to do so… but I fear we are not anywhere near that. I’m looking forward to vat grown anything (vat grown steaks will taste better because you didn’t have to kill an animal to get one) but have yet to really hear of any. Anyone want to point out some that I’ve missed?

Kitten Update

I took the kittens to the vet yesterday. It turns out they’re only 6 weeks old and they are both males. We have also decided on names for them. The black one is henceforth Thebe, and the white and orange one is Io. These are the names of 2 of Jupiter’s moons, so we were able to stick with the science theme afterall!

kittens arrive

We have kittens.

That’s right, it’s cute-fest-2005 in our apartment right now. We got a pair of 8 6 week old kittens on Sunday from Anita’s co-worker who got them dumped on her by her mom. They are a brother (black) and sister (white & orange) and have very quickly bonded with Anita and I… they are ok with Nova, but she’s not yet ok with them. Nova actually submitted to them, belly up and looking away; our guard dog proving her grit once again. We are taking them in for shots and vet initiation tomorrow.

We have yet to come up with names for them. I would like to keep up the science theme of pet names (Quazar, Psi, Nova…) but nothing really effective has come up, yet. If you are quick and think of suggestions, let me know (comment, AIM, or email)… I’ll post the names when we determine them.

Ultimate Summer League is over.

I had a great time playing Ultimate on the summer league. It was good to be outside and to have a team of people have to work together… and to have people rely on me to make it, so I didn’t lazy-out of going just because it’s really hot. And MAN was it hot for the tournament this past Saturday. Ultimate - Todd and Jess on our team, in orange We were outside from 8:00 am – 5:30 pm and it was sunny and HOT all day. I ended up mildly sun-burned but not as bad as I would have expected from such exposure. Our team played great, we won the first game and lost the second, but we lost to the #1 team and we gave them a really good fight. Then we sat around watching and heckling the other games for semi-finals and finals… for the finals game, people were silly – many people half drunk and a most of us were sun-weary… whenever play stopped frisbees were rolled from side to side of the field by spectaters aiming (poorly) for each other. There was a spirit award (given to one of the organizer’s team — “rigged”) and a party that night at some bar (I didn’t make it beacuse I was playing video games with Phil).

I’ll be able to play more frisbee at pickup games until it gets too cold… and then I might be able to find something…

Also, we are playing Capture the Flag this weekend. We’re playing around sundown on Sunday at someplace in Columbus. Want to play? Email me.

April is ok after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake

From an email from April:

However, I did want to let everyone know that I am
safe and perfectly whole after this morning’s earthquake. For those of you
who have no idea what I’m talking about, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit
Japan at 11:46 this morning and I was a mere 60 some-odd kilometers south of
its center of its origin. It’s on the front page of BBC, CNN, MSN-NBC, etc.
if you feel like reading more on it.

I had actually taken this morning off and was sleeping (go figure :-) when
it hit. It jolted me awake and I was just frozen to my bed for those
seemingly endless 2 minutes. (Yeah – those school drills that I practiced
all of my life about diving under the nearest table definitely did not come
in handy. I couldn’t make myself move for anything.) My apartment is on
the 2nd story of a really small, wooden 2-story building. So the entire
thing was shaking like crazy. All of the furniture in my apartment was
swaying back and forth and the pictures on the wall and the loose things on
shelves crashed down to the floor. And I, for some unknown reason, was just
laughing and wondering whether I would be make some flashy and really
painful entrance into my neighbor’s apartment below me if my floor caved in.
(Yeah, I know Mom – that certainly calms your nerves, eh?! Don’t worry,
don’t worry! ;-) Anyhow, no aftershocks felt as of yet, and I am perfectly
AOK. I just like to think of it as my very first free amusement park